Month: September 2020

Founders commented on quant_kit plans – press releases

Our executives commented on the quant_kit value proposition, current development status and plans for future growth for leading polish fintech and startups portals. “The main benefit we want to give future users is the reduction of the duration of the analytical process. At the same time, we will provide the opportunity to extend the scope of analyzes with many data sources…
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Apache Airflow – one position in our tech stack

One position in our tech stack is Apache Airflow. Our co-founder, Jan Kościałkowski, talked about it in an interview with Polidea “What type of deployment of Airflow have you used, and why? Was it determined by your current architecture (i.e., the fact that you are cloud-native)? Our product is currently in the development/PoC stage, so we wanted a semi-production environment. For…
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