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Solutions for business

Get proactive insights by using the quant kit’s smart data gathering and in-depth analyse. We offer flexible interactive exploration of the already-processed information based on alternative data. Our product allows customers to speed up data processing and enrich their research capabilities.

AI-Driven Search Engine

Smarter and more efficient information search using already-processed alternative data

Alternative Data

Including search trends, ESG, sentiment and web-traffic information from the Internet

AutoML Analytics

Among others: dependency graphs, forecasts, clustering, anomaly detection, system of alerts

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How it Works



Gathers data from financial and alternative data sources



Transforms unstructured information into proactive insights



Provides an interactive dashboard with the most relevant information

Our Tech Stack

About us

Banacha Street

Our aim is to provide math-based solutions to business by bridging the gap between academia and the industry.

University of Warsaw spin-off

Quant_kit Sp. z o.o. is a company created by the Banacha Street group that is affiliated with the University of Warsaw.

News & Insights

Founders commented on quant_kit plans – press releases

Our executives commented on the quant_kit value proposition, current development status and plans for future growth for leading polish fintech and startups portals. “The main benefit we want to give future users is[…]

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Apache Airflow – one position in our tech stack

One position in our tech stack is Apache Airflow. Our co-founder, Jan Kościałkowski, talked about it in an interview with Polidea “What type of deployment of Airflow have you used, and why? Was it[…]

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We are Hiring!

At Banacha Street, we build quant_kit—an Insight Search Engine that provides sophisticated alternative-data-based analyses returned for any query input by the user. We are looking for a backend and fullstack developers to help us improve the[…]

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